Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Craftaholics Gift Exchange

I recently participated in a "gift exchange" through craftaholics anonymous and although I haven't received my gift I wanted to show you the fun "bram" items I sent over that I made! 
Our ever popular infinity scarves-she said she was into hunting and blue. . .so I went with brown and one of our most popular prints with the blue flowers on taupe. (HOPE she likes them!)
I also made a fun chartreuse and white make up bag too! Just for fun and to add a little something extra! That's the best part about having your own little handmade shop-you can "shop" from yourself for gifts to give to your friends!  
With all the craft fair/stop and shops and the Holiday craziness, oh and volunteering to help at every activity the kindergarten class can possibly think of-I barely got it in the mail in time for the deadline! But its in the mail and she should have it in her pretty little hands now!
What a fun way to do an across the country gift exchange!
Hope your all enjoying this Holiday season!!! 
I do have one more stop and shop 
and a few items I'm wanting to make asap to get in shop before the holidays are over. . .things like. . .
The new ruffle aprons I just posted in shop in LITTLE girl sizes. . .The shop is FULL of adult sizes but my little niece Miss Lindy Lou is getting a kitchen for Christmas this year so I just made her a little ruffle apron and loved how it turned out so I plan on making a handful of "mini-ruffle aprons" to put in shop soon! Hopefully Manda will post a pic of her in it after Christmas and you can all oggle over the cuteness!!! (cause its seriously a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.)
 Its not to late to snag up our tree skirts. . .which all have matching stockings to go with too!!!

Well, Happy Holidays y'all! Hopefully I'll be able to show you what comes in the mail for me from the gift exchange soon too!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Costumes

I always have the hardest time making good costumes! So I had to give props to my friends that did such awesome jobs with their costumes. 
Allison and her hubs and Sammy boy were the Presley's. 
Miss Sarah as the tough chic on the ecards. HOTTIE!
Cute Tiffany looking AMAZING as a doe! I'm so impressed with her makeup skills!
And Betsy did a killer job on her makeup top!!!! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Work in Progress

My boys room has been a constant work in progress. Renting is so hard when trying to really make a place your own. I LOVE color and not being able to paint makes it so I have to fill the room with color in other ways. 
I made their bedding about a year and a half ago and used the fabrics as my 'pallet' to go from on colors. I LOVE strip quilts and I still love these blankets! I made them large enough to move to full beds if/when the time comes. (All the furniture is gel stained, you can find the FULL tutorial in our DIY tab) 
 I finally got it how I wanted but felt it needed just a little something so I added vinyl polka-dots to the walls. 
also made them each a subway art hanging of their names. I just got clearance art boxes from Hobby Lobby-they are actually pink and purple-and painted them and did vinyl for the subway art.     
I bought cheap curtains because we use a pull down black out shade so they were more for decoration. I them used fabric paint to put chevron navy strips on them. That was a fun project but a word to the wise-get LOTS of paint. I wish my strips all had one more coat of paint because they are a little see through on spots...
I made these canvases a few years ago when Brecken was little and had a beach shack theme room. It still 'sort-of' is...I used a vinyl cutting and put it on white canvas and then painted what was showing. I found similar ones shortly after I did these at Pottery Barn for $30 EACH!!! I did these for $4 each! 
I've always wanted a 'growth chart' that could move with us from house to house as we finish school. So I got a 5 ft 4x1, painted it white and put vinyl #'s 2-6 on it and hang it 1.5 ft high from the ground and put the lines so they start at 18 inches. Now we just measure them once a year and use a small fine point sharpie to mark it! 
Can you tell we LOVE books?! I feel like books are one of the best things to have in our home. Brecken learned to read just after he turned 4 and has read all of these at least 3 times each. (We have another book case in the hall outside their room too...I'm obsessed) I'm also in LOVE with our 'Rules to always being a gentlemen' it was a printable that I put on canvas using a groupon at a some online canvas place. 
I'm sure I'll continue to change and add to it, but for right now it's 'done'....

Monday, August 26, 2013

We did it!

We did it!!! The goal was to raise $15,000 for Kalli & honestly, I thought the goal was to high but wanted to really try to make a difference. But we did it! $16,813 was raised overall. Over $200 was from bram alone! The silent auction brought in just over $800 & the rest were cash donations from friends! Kalli has some amazing friends in Japan who really helped so much in hitting our goal. I know the Coopers are so grateful for everyone's help and donations!  I'm in awe and so truly so humbled to be a part of this entire thing. I'm trying hard every day to remember to be 'Kali Strong' and feeling so grateful to have Miss Kalli in my life! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kalli Strong

Here are the details for the Kalli Strong fundraiser:
From August 12-17 we will be doing an online auction at
and a sale at
where all proceeds in the Kalli section will go to the Cooper family.
15% of proceeds at outside of the Kalli section will go to the Cooper family as well. 
The following companies have also generously offered the following during the week of August 12-17
100% of proceeds of The Kalli Cap Pattern and 15% of proceeds from all other sales at
15% of proceeds from sales at
15% of proceeds from salesl at & 100% of proceeds from purchases of their "bubbleframe" app. - See more at:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kalli Strong

Kalli Cooper is one of my most treasured friends, she
 is mother to 2 beautiful kids, Max is 7 & Abi is 10.; and
she is wife to her wonderful, supportive husband Aaron.
 Kalli is a breast cancer survivor, and she has fought this cancer not
once but twice. Kalli goes through many ups and downs in her
second bout with breast cancer including numerous rounds of
radiation and chemo. Her cancer has metastasized to many
different areas in her body, mainly her bones. She recently
developed a life threatening blood infection which caused low blood pressure and
lack of oxygen. Miraculously, she was able to fight and win against
the infection. She continues to endure radiation daily and chemo once a week.
Through all of this I have never heard Kalli complain, just the
opposite in fact. Kalli is the most kind, loving, selfless, and
positive person I have ever met in my life, she is strong,
brave, true, and beautiful from the inside out. She is always
uplifting and helping others, making everyone feel loved. She
is one of earths angels, and she does her job well. Anyone
who knows Kalli will agree with me, and have a story to share
of the wonderful impact Kalli has had on their life. It is my hope
that one day I can be half the woman she is, & every day try to be
“Kalli Strong”
So we are going to be doing an online auction at on August 12-17 and we will also be doing a sale in-shop under the section "Kalli Strong Sale". The Cooper family will receive all proceeds from those sales. We will also be giving 15% of proceeds from orders during that time from any other section of the shop. The Mint Moose will also be giving 15% of their sales to the Cooper family during that week as well! 

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